Artificial Flowers vs Natural Flowers

Anyone flower enthusiast will tell you that, right out of the gate that artificial flowers and natural flowers are incomparable.

However, some might say that natural flowers are fresh, beautiful, and super fragrant, simply breathtaking– nothing compared to artificially made flowers… Right?


With the fast-developing technology,the make of artificial flowers resemble and even feel like real flowers. The fragrant scent that natural flowers have is achieved by spraying essential oils and a soft feel attained by using softer materials.

This has quickly reduced the difference gap between artificially made flowers and Natural flowers, but that does not mean that both kinds do not present their shortcomings.

Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of these kinds of flowers, and get a better understanding of which kind of flower you might like.


The price range between artificial and natural flowers does not differ that much but natural flowers tend to cost a little much more than artificial flowers.

This is mainly because flowers are labor-intensive; the amount and cost that goes into growing, maintaining, delivering, and storing before selling natural flowers are considerably high.

Artificial flowers, however, do not cost much in handling, delivering, and maintaining solely because they are synthetic and take a long while to go bad. They need minimum supervision.

Nonetheless, the price of natural flowers certainly does not take away the breathtaking impact it brings when on display.


It is obvious what type of flower lasts longer. Despite being beautiful and super fragrant natural flowers, with time, wilt away.

This is regardless of how much they are watered, placed in good temperature, or even taken care of in the best way possible, they eventually wilt. Sad, right?

Artificial flowers on the other hand, last for as long as they can, provided they are maintained properly and are kept dust-free in good conditions.


Synthetic flowers do not possess any botanical features that authentic flowers do. One of these features; pollen, is known to be an allergen and can from time to time trigger an allergic reaction in human beings.

It is said that one in four people in the UK has hay fever. This means one person among four people is likely to have an allergic reaction to pollen, pollen that is found in the air from natural flowers.

So think for a minute, would you rather have people sneezing or have their nose stuffed up due to the significant amount of pollen in the air in your event?

Well, that is a thought to ponder on.


Natural flowers are indeed strife to maintain. They require intensive labor; from planting them to taking good care of them as seedlings and throughout their growth, harvesting them, keeping them fresh after they are cut from their mother plant, transporting them to storing them.

This can be a bit expensive too!

Artificial flowers on the other hand require very little maintenance and supervision. Since they are synthetic, all they require is constant cleaning and they are as good as they last.


There are many variations of natural flowers in the world; different colors, different scents, and different species.

However, due to the intensive labor and cost constraints, natural flowers pose, you might be limited to the variety of flowers you might wish to gift someone or put on display at an event.

Be that as it may, being able to manufacture artificial flowers opens a myriad of possibilities for different kinds of flowers that can be synthesized without running into any cost constraint whatsoever, meaning you can easily get any flower you wish.


One of the advantages artificial flowers also have contrary to natural growing flowers is the ability to customize the look, scent, and feel of the actual flowers.

Since natural flowers are naturally occurring and can not be easily altered, it is almost impossible to change their attributes as they might be while altering the attributes of artificial flowers.

With artificial flowers, you can easily pick out your favorite kind of flower, with your favorite color, and even with your preferred scent. The scope of possibilities is infinite.

Artificial flowers, in general, are considerably cheap and durable but are incomparable to the fragrant and beautiful atmosphere natural flowers make when on display.

Bottom Line

Having looked at each, it is fair to say both kinds of flowers have their pros and cons and if you pay attention closely, they almost always weed each other out, so be sure to way out your options.

Finally, flowers should not just be viewed from a point of home decor, it can serve as an add-on in our daily outfit and fashion. The famous Vogue magazine has featured several models on their covers with flower-made pieces.

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