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Why you should consider adding wine storage to your new kitchen design

Whether you’re a wine collector or an ordinary joe, you know wine tastes good with age. But, how you store it, will influence the taste. So, what is important when you want to collect wine? Well, there are different methods you can reserve wine and add them to your kitchen blueprint.

Someone can say, why not stick the wine a fridge? Well, for a wine collector this just doesn’t cut it. Before we delve into why you ought to consider for a wine storage unit, know why a fridge isn’t the ideal place to store wine.

Don’t use a fridge for wine storage.

Fridges only give you an allowance of one year at maximum to store your wine.

Using a regular fridge isn’t recommended for someone looking to store wine for a long period. Temperatures in the fridge vary thus affecting how your wine ages leaving you with a low-quality tasting wine.

The space inside a fridge is small, limiting the number of wine bottles you can store.

Storage of wine

Whether you drink wine straight after purchase or collect it for future indulgence, how it’s stored will adversely the taste. Using wine coolers ensures your wine collection maintains a consistent temperature – meaning you can store wines for ages waiting for the perfect moment to bring them out.

If you are interested in long term wine storage, redesigning a kitchen to include a mini-bar or you enjoy that perfectly chilled wine bottle, there are a good deal of wine storage ideas that will be perfect for your kitchen.

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